Satellite & Links Operations

Booking Ref: SLO01 Duration: 5 days Price: TBC This course prepares people to better understand the business of microwave technology, be it satellite or ground links. Topics include: Principles of satellites Working with orbiting links Link propagation Antennas Modulation Satellite access techniques Setting up & monitoring links BOOK A COURSE NOWclick here to find out […]

Sound craft

Booking Ref: SC01 Duration: 5-10 days Price: TBC This practical course looks at all the aspects of working in TV sound. From microphone choice and positioning to working with a sound desk, the course gives hands-on opportunities for learning how to create quality sound output. Topics include: Microphones Rigging PA and foldback Using a sound […]

Edit Craft

Booking Ref: EC01 Duration: 1-2 weeks Price: TBC The craft of editing comprises three elements: the technical aspect of operating an editing system, the skills of using the editing equipment effectively to create a high quality result and the ability to consult, advise and persuade the producer to make the right decision.This course concentrates on […]

Vision Mixing

Booking ref: VM01 Duration: 3-5 days Price: TBC A practical course that mixes technology with craft skills to give the necessary training to enable the cutting of live television. Topics to be covered include: Using the mixer effectively Choosing the shots – Story telling with pictures Working from scripts and working without Genres – Interview […]