Understanding the production process & workflow

Booking Ref: PPW01 Duration: 3 days Price: TBC Production processes can be long and complex; financial planning, budgeting and good management are an essential element of controlling the process.Understanding the processes and producing a workflow that will deliver programs within budget and on time is the key to success.This course investigates the detailed elements of […]

Single-camera planning and directing

Booking Ref: SPD01 Duration: 5-days Price: TBC A practical course for location-shooting that looks at the process of shooting a story, from idea to the gathering of necessary pictures and sound and finally successfully delivering a story. Topics include: Ideas, planning, treatment and storyboard Organising a successful location Booking the right resources Shooting on location […]

Multi-camera planning and directing

Booking Ref: MCP01 Duration: 5 days Price: TBC Learn best practice in planning, organizing and directing a working studio and crew in a live situation. The high-level course provides an unprecedented amount of hands-on training and experience, with detailed feedback on each exercise for each person attending. Scripting Planning Managing rehearsal time Communicating clearly in […]

Production Techniques: An Introduction

Booking ref: PT01 Duration: 10 days Price: TBC This course is aimed at content creators who want to improve their program making skills. It provides the opportunity to learn how to develop quality content for modern delivery systems and gives attendees a broad knowledge of the industry helping them understand current and new production techniques, […]

Technical Knowledge: An Introduction

Booking ref: TK01 Duration: 10 days Price: TBC This course is aimed at those responsible for operating, installing and maintaining broadcast equipment. It gives a broad knowledge of modern video, audio and digital systems and how they are used to make quality programs.We help attendees understand the theory, practice and terminology used to run a […]